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Thursday, November 06, 2003

The K. S. R. T. C. Web Site

Guys, you've got to go to this website and read through the text! It's hilariously unrealistic! - KK
WebNet - KSRTC

City police to launch web portal soon - "City police to launch web portal soon Friday November 7 2003 08:10 IST THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: As part of enhancing their efficiency, the Thiruvananthapuram city police would soon launch a web portal. The main feature of the portal is that one can lodge a complaint with the city police from anywhere in the world through the portal, according to a statement from the City Police Commissioner."
Read more >> - Mobile Phone Sales Surge: "Topics > Electronics > Cell Phones > Mobile Phone Sales Surge Nokia still dominates the worldwide market.

Gillian Law, IDG News Service Wednesday, November 05, 2003

First-time buyers in emerging markets helped drive the still-growing mobile phone market in the third quarter of this year, IDC said Wednesday. Advertisement Markets like China, India, and Central Europe are seeing first-time sales growing, according to Andrew Brown, IDC program manager for mobile devices in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa."


I thought Nokia's design is dead! ;) - KK

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

The Hindu : Indians top foreign student population in U.S.: "Indians top foreign student population in U.S. By Sridhar Krishnaswami Washington Nov. 4 . An annual survey by the Institute of International Education shows that there has been a 'significant' drop in student admissions in American campuses from countries such as Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Egypt. But the shortfall has been made-up by students coming to the United States from countries such as South Korea and India." Read more >>

No wonder! A lot of guys from our batch are in the US now right? Anil, Archana, Cynthia, Muffy, Gunjan, Annilynn etc.

The Hindu : Row over Lee's remarks on U.K. health system: "Row over Lee's remarks on U.K. health system By Hasan Suroor LONDON NOV 4. The veteran Singapore leader and its former Prime Minister, Lee Kuan Yew, has caused embarrassment here by attacking the health system after his wife was reportedly kept waiting for emergency treatment at a leading London hospital following a stroke during a recent visit. In remarks, which have been furiously denied by Downing Street, Mr. Lee claimed that it was only after the Prime Minister, Tony Blair's office intervened that his wife was given a CT scan, for which she had been earlier told to wait for another three hours." Read more >>

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

BBC NEWS | World | South Asia | Cartoon fame for Indian tech school:"Cartoon fame for Indian tech school By Chhavi Dublish in New Jersey Copyright: United Feature Syndicate Inc. The world famous Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) have made their way into Dilbert, the enormously popular comic strip about the corporate world."

Dennis, you are famous! -KK

Monday, November 03, 2003

Hospital on wheels for pets arrives -

"Hospital on wheels for pets arrives"

Saturday November 1 2003 12:54 IST KOCHI:

Now your cute poodle would no longer have to stand trembling for hours close to ferocious Rottweilers and snarling Dobermans while awaiting its turn at the only veterinary hospital in a city locality. From on Saturday onwards, the hospital will come to the side of your pet. Offering a wide range of services from immunisation to emergency surgeries, ‘Ananthapuri Mobile Pet Animal Hospital’, Kochi’s first hospital on wheels for pets, will start operations on Saturday. The hospital, second of its kind in the State, is set in a Maruti van and all pets — cats, dogs and birds of all breeds — will be taken care of, said Dr P R Vinod Kumar, chief surgeon and consultant of the hospital. ‘‘All the owner of the animal has to do is to call us, give us the details and the way to his residence. He won’t even have to go out for buying the necessary medicines. We keep a well-stocked hospital,’’ says Dr Vinod, who is a former veterinary doctor in the government service."

The Hindu : Pak. doctors unhappy with India's gesture:

"Pak. doctors unhappy with India's gesture

By B. Muralidhar Reddy ISLAMABAD Oct 25 . Doctors in Pakistan are clearly not happy with India's gesture of extending the scheme for free medical treatment of Pakistani children. 'Reciprocating' the Indian gesture to provide free medical treatment to 20 Pakistani children, the National Institute of Cardio-Vascular Diseases (NICVD), Karachi, has offered to undertake coronary angiography and bypass surgery for 20 poor Indian patients without any charge. The NICVD said the procedures would be performed within the next 12 months. 'Pakistani cardiologists wish to share the benefits of their long experience in this field with deserving Indian heart patients who may not be able to afford such treatment in India.' The publicity generated by the Noor case and the trigger reaction in the Pakistani society had caused a lot of heartburn, particularly among doctors. Several of them criticised the 'mindless' publicity by the media and said that similar, if not better facilities, were available in Pakistan."

Meteorite-like object falls in UP village - "Meteorite-like object falls in UP village Monday November 3 2003 16:47 IST PTI MUZAFFARNAGAR: In what could be a meteorite, a huge piece of stone-like object fell from the sky in Kasoli village in Muzaffarnagar on Sunday night, causing a three feet deep crater and becoming a subject of curiosity for both scientists and residents of this western Uttar Pradesh hamlet. District Magistrate RK Singh said on Monday that villagers claimed to have seen the object, weighing 19 kg, falling from the sky around 7 pm with a loud noise. Later, they found a 8x9 inches black-coloured piece of stone in the field of a farmer Kishan at Kasoli village under Charthawal police station, about 30 km from here. Following receipt of the information, police rushed to the village and brought the object to the District Headquarters here, Singh said. Experts from the Roorkee Engineering College had been asked to study the object, he said. Meanwhile, a large number of curious locals gathered at the village to see the 'sky stone' and the crater caused by it."